Original Japanese Style Tonkatsu


About Mr.Tonkatsu

Tonkatsu is known as one of the most “anthentic” dishes of the world, which consists of deep-fried pork cutlet served with some shredded raw cabbage and sweet sauce. Mr. Tonkatsu opened its first Tonkatsu restaurant in Toronto, Canada, providing fresh cutlet with its own unique and special sweet sauce. Since Tonkatsu is still not well known in the city, Mr.Tonkatsu sees the potential growth and endeavors to serve the authentic Tonkatsu.

Fresh Mr.Tonkatsu

Since Mr.Tonkatsu set its fundamental goal to provide differentiated Tonkatsu, it has dedicated itself to the research and development to make the desired fresh breadcrumb. Mr.Tonkatsu bakes its own bread daily and serve the best breadcrumb in town. In addition, through a constant and close relationship with the Canadian local market, Mr.Tonkatsu lacks its credibility with the customers on using the fresh meat and vegetables appealing people of all ages.

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